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Contrast to the MySQL Enterprise Server, which receives both monthly rapid updates and quarterly service pack releases, there is no specific schedule for when a new version of the MySQL Community Server is released. While every bug fix that has been applied to the Enterprise Server will also be available in the subsequent Community Server release, there will be source-only releases in between full (source and binary) Community builds. So while the latest published community sources will always be available from the Source Downloads Section, the binaries listed on this page may be from a previous release. In any case, full binaries for all our supported operating systems are and will remain conveniently available from this page.

  • The Standard binaries are recommended for most users
  • The Max version includes additional features that have not been exhaustively tested or are not required for general usage. When these features have matured and proven to be stable, they will be incorporated into future releases of the Standard binaries. The Max version also, for most platforms, contains MySQL Cluster storage node, management server and mysqld/ndb enabling programs.
  • The Debug binaries have been compiled with extra debug information, and are not intended for production use, because the included debugging code may reduce performance.